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Shickshinny.org is a community site brought to you by the members of the Business Association of the Greater Shickshinny Area. This site will be updated regularly as needed. If you have any technical difficulties with the site, please contact the webmaster. If you are interested in advertising on this site, you may contact Brian Phillips of Harvis, Inc. by email or phone at (570) 542-5330.

What's New on Shickshinny.org?

Tour of the Site

The following is a sample of what you will find in each section of the site.

  • Municipal
    This section contains information about the local government offices, news and archived minutes from town council meetings, community event calendar, local utility listings, and announcements about the community in general
  • Business
    Here you will find information about local businesses, the Business Association, and the FLT Building project
  • News and Weather
    Local news and weather with links to WNEP and The Press Enterprise (including a link to "30 Seconds"!)
  • Historical
    View pictures and stories of local history and culture - also has information about the Shickshinny Historical Society
  • Sounding Board
    A community message board to voice your opinions and thoughts



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If you have an idea or contribution for this site, please contact the webmaster by email or Brian Phillips of Harvis, Inc. by email or at (570) 542-5330.