In 1782, the families of Austin and Crossley were the first white settlers in Shickshinny. The first permanent settler in the area was Ralph Austin. At this time, Shickshinny was under the jurisdiction of Connecticut. In 1801, Shadrick Austin bought the 256 acres (104 ha) of land.

Another known settler in the area was William Koons (in the 1850s). Koons settled one mile outside of Shickshinny (where the Shickshinny Creek Bridge was later erected). The name of the area was changed to Koonsville (where the post office was later built). In 1773, Nathan Beach, also from Connecticut, settled outside of modern-day Shickshinny. The area was named Beach Haven after him.

A farm, which encompassed nearly the entire current-day borough, was established by Matthias Hollenback. By this time, it was under the Pennsylvania claim. The land was later inherited by his daughter, Cist Hollenback, who married Chester Butler. In 1857, upon C. Hollenbeck's death, the land was divided and sold to the proprietors of the Shickshinny Company: George W. Search, Lot Search, Nathan Beach Crary, and Nathan Garrison. Walter Garrison bought the corner where the modern-day bank is located. Lot Search held the position of Luzerne County treasurer in 1855 and maintained it for two years.

N. Garrison and Andrew J. Eldon built the first store, located outside the old storehouse, in June 1857. But a few months after the store opened, Eldon fled to China with $3,000 of Garrison's money. It was reported that Eldon was lost in a storm at sea and drowned from the weight of gold in his pockets. The business soon closed and was bought by Nathan B. Crary. A drug store opened at the same time. It was run and managed by Stephen Bond.

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FLT Museum & Archives

This ambitious project was undertaken jointly by The Business Association of the Greater Shickshinny Area and the Historical and Preservation Society Society of the Greater Shickshinny Area in order to save and restore this downtown landmark.

When completed, the building will be home to both organizations (with a central location to display historic memorabilia), have office space available for rent, and have meeting space for civic organizations. Needless to say, this has been a monumental task and has taken the support of numerous volunteers from both organizations.

Progress has been made, but there is still much work to be done. If you would like to volunteer your time or services or make a monetary donation to the restoration of this magnificent building, please contact the Historical Society at (570) 542-7458 or James Bach of the Business Association at (570) 905-7519

Art sales to benefit the FLT Building

View From Propect Rock

View From Propect Rock

Artist: Sue Hand
Image size: 11" x 17"
Price: $30.00

Limited edition signed and numbered lithograph reproduction of original painting based on photographic reference, circa 1900.

Contact Cheryl Bach at clynnbach@gmail.com or (570) 542-7458 for more information on this print.

The Train Depot

The Train Depot

Artist: Bonnie Shane
Image size: 12" x 17" (Image size 10" x 14")
Price: $40.00

Limited edition giclee reproduction of original pencil drawing based on a 1930 era photograph of the Shickshinny Depot

This depot was owned by the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company. It stood near the present site of the Susquehanna Warrior Trail parking lot on Susquehanna Avenue, the trail is on the former railbed. The building was demolished in the late 1970's.

Contact Cheryl Bach at clynnbach@gmail.com or (570) 542-7458 for more information on this print.

The Yaples Hotel

The Yaples Hotel

Artist: Jay McHenry
Image size: 14" x 17" (Image size 11½" x 14")
Price: $40.00

Limited edition giclee reproduction of original watercolor painting based on an 1870 photograph of the Yaple Hotel in Shickshinny, PA

This building remains commercially active and is located at the intersection of Main and Union Streets (Routes 11 and 239). It has housed hotels, department stores, a craft business, and restaurants. It is presently the home of The Upstairs Gallery and J'Angelo's Pizza.

Contact Cheryl Bach at clynnbach@gmail.com or (570) 542-7458 for more information on this print.

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